10 Advanced Cannabis Growing Techniques You Should Know

10 Advanced Cannabis Growing Techniques You Should Know

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Let’s explore some advanced cannabis growing terms and techniques. Each of these techniques requires a bit of effort to implement, but they can greatly improve your yields.

Advanced Cannabis Growing Terms and Techniques

Cloning – Making new plants by cutting off a portion of a female plant. This allows for the growth of multiple plants that are genetically identical to the “mother” plant (the plant that the cutting came from). The clones are always female and require less time to grow to harvest.

Fimming – Similar to topping, but more of a ‘haircut’ than actually removing the whole top. It is less traumatic to the plant. Fimming encourages bushy growth and increases cola yields.

Lollipopping – The process of removing side branches and lower, smaller growth. This allows the plant to focus its energy on its main colas.

Lollipopping plants - removing lower branches
Lollipopping plants – removing lower branches

LST (Low Stress Training) –  Involves bending the branches slowly so that they grow in a certain direction. Similar to braces on your teeth.

Monster Cropping – Taking cuttings from a flowering plant and re-vegging it.

ScrOG/SCROG (Screen of Green) – When a screen (usually of netting or chicken-wire) is attached at a desired height above the plants. This allows the growing cannabis plants to begin to grow horizontally after reaching the height limit, thus keeping the canopy, or height, at an even level. This allows consistent light penetration into the growing plants. Many growers have consistently high yields using this method.

Screen of green
Screen of green

SOG (Sea of Green) – A technique of filling the grow area with many smaller plants that have one main cola.

Super Cropping – Bending (almost breaking) the branches or main stem in order to increase nutrient uptake, resulting in stronger growth and yields.

Super cropped branch
Super cropped branch

Topping – The process of cutting off a small portion off the top of a young plant to increase yield.

Flushing – The process of pouring clean water through the soil or growing medium of a plant in order to remove excess nutrients or solids. This is done if the plant is in distress and needs to start with fresh nutrients and growing medium. In a hydroponic system, the water reservoir is drained and refilled with fresh, plain water.

So, what now?

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